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Discover How You Can Learn How To Speak Spanish the Easy Way
by Lynn Halladay

If you’re looking for a few simple ways to make learning Spanish a lot easier, these tips will help you. Of course, you’ll need to have a good Spanish class, text, or online learning program to make full use of them. However, they can do a lot to speed up your ability to master the Spanish language.


Watch DVDs of English language movies with the Spanish subtitles turned on. Read along anmd you’ll eventually start to learn Spanish words as you watch movies! This is a simple and fun way to build your Spanish vocabulary.

Kids’ Books

Favorite kids’ books in other languages are also a great choice. These don’t have to be simple, either. If you love Harry Potter, consider picking up a Spanish translation. You already know the story, and puzzling out the words is a lot easier.


Watching TV shows in Spanish can help you to learn the language quickly. Telenovelas (similar to soap operas) are great for hearing Spanish spoken clearly and with good diction.

Comic Strips

Reading Spanish language comic strips (available both online and in newpapers) are a great way to learn the language – you’ll get to see idiomatic Spanish you’d never learn from a textbook and the format makes them easy to follow.

3×5 Cards

These are flash cards, but not the usual pre-packaged type. Instead, carry these cards and write down new words that you encounter throughout the day. Find out what they mean and add them to your existing flash cards or other learning methods. This is also great for phrases you run into frequently.

Remember High School?

A lot of us took some Spanish in high school or college or perhaps a related Romance language such as French or Italian. These provide you with a good basis to build on, since you’ll have learned a bit about grammar and verb conjugation. If you know some Italian or French you will already have something of a handle on word order within sentences, but keep in mind that pronunciation will be significantly different.

Talk With Native Speakers

People living in areas like Texas, California and Florida will have the best options when it comes to finding people who speak Spanish natively. However, there’s a good chance you can find someone to talk to no matter where you live. If you can’t find anyone who speaks the language as their first tongue, see if you can practice with students from a local college or a local Spanish club.

Practice Every Day

There is no substitute for daily practice when learning Spanish. Regular practice will make learning Spanish a quicker and easier task. Vary your study routine to keep things interesting and make learning fun.

Using these tips will make learning Spanish fun and easy. You should use these tips in conjunction with a self study course or classroom instruction which has a track record of success and mixes up teaching techniques to keep you interested. A lot of people give up on learning Spanish because of a dull instructional routine. Choose fun, interactive instruction which can keep you interested and you’ll master Spanish in no time.

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

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