How to Check and Charge Your Car Battery

Car batteries are not perpetual. If you have ever been stranded somewhere with a dead battery you likely know the importance of checking your car battery. Unfortunately, it is one of those things that even though we know it should be done, we often never get around to doing it. Read more »

Advantages Of Train Horns

Train horns have been with us as long as have the locomotive itself. Train horns are used by the engineer to scare animals away from the tracks, as well as letting motorists know that a train is approaching the crossing. Another function of the horns is to let passengers know that the train is about to depart. Train horns are also used by track workers when performing track maintenance and while handling track switching. Read more »

Can the Volt Save The General?

Amongst GM employees, aside from the fear of getting a pink paper next week ( or the week after ) speculation is high as to whether the concept vehicle, being called the Volt, is going to be as revolutionary as the hype suggests. Read more »

Hot Tips About Discounted Auto parts

One of the most common problem of car owners asides the cost of gasoline or the vehicle itself is the ever-rising cost of vehicle maintenance. A bigger portion of the expenses comes from the high cost car parts that you need to keep purchasing in order to have your vehicle working smoothly. maintaining your vehicle is what you must do; it is inevitable that some parts will worn-out due to the wear and tear of daily use. Instead of scrimping by keeping from purchasing good, new parts, you may get discounted auto parts to help in keeping your vehicle in running order. Read more »

Automatic Car Alarms: How To Protect Your Car

An automobile alarm is an audible security system which activates as a loud noise if a possible break-in is detected. Not only are these systems annoyingly loud, they also are often false alarms and consequently, often ignored. Many vehicle security systems currently exist which are much more technologically advanced. Read more »

The sale of Land Rover and Jaguar to Tata

In March 2008 Jaguar and Land Rover were both sold by Ford, to Tata the Indian motor manufacturer for $2.3 billion. Ford over the years, invested an estimated $10 billion into the two British marques. It is understood that Ford have agreed to make up the shortfall in the employee's pension funds, which cost the company a further $600 million. A considerable loss indeed until you compare it with Daimler Chrysler selling just over 80% of Chrysler for 7.4 billion having paid $36 billion for the company 9 years earlier. Tata have recently been on an acquisition trail and timed the purchase of the two companies well, considering the weakness of the Dollar at the time of the deal. The takeover seems to make very good financial sense from Tata's point of view and probably not as some have suggested motivated by a company that is part of what was once a British colony, flexing it's muscles and buying two prestigious British brands. Nevertheless it must have been a very proud moment for Tata. Read more »

Simple Methods You Can Use To Improve Gas Mileage!

Recently, it seems like the oil barons are out to empty our wallets. Gas prices have gone up threefold, along with everyday necessities, while our economy slows to a crawl. Most people are just trying to keep their heads above water, and need to learn some simple methods to improve gas mileage. Read more »

Basic Car Audio Systems

When shopping for a car audio system, some people want all the bells and whistles while others are interested in basic car audio systems. Most older, model cars were designed with am/fm radios and cassette decks. However, nowadays the trend is either CD's or MP3's. Read more »