New to RE investing?

So you have decided to increase your personal wealth, and you lokking at real estate a a means to get there...good for you! some times people get over whelmed by the amount of information that is out there on the subject. Dont let this get to you. if you invest well, you will be rewarded with returns for years. Read more »

Stock Options: What You Need To Know.

Thinking about stock option trading, but want to learn more or not sure what it is? Would you like to discover how to double your profits by trading options? Ever wonder how technical analysis can assist you in trading options? Read more »

Tic investing for Boomers

Boomers Bank In investment finance, private equity real estate is an asset class consisting of equity and debt investments in property. Investments typically involve an active management strategy ranging from moderate reposition or releasing of properties to development or extensive redevelopment. Investments are typically made via private equity real estate fund, a collective investment scheme, which pools capital from investors. These funds typically have ten-year life span consisting of a 2-3 year investment period during which properties are acquired and a holding period during which active asset management will be carried out and the properties will be sold. Read more »

Real estate investing for the human animal

Ever noticed how when you walk in to a book store and find your way to the business or financial books all the views that are expressed in the titles are almost the same??? Almost all of them,in one way or another, call out for a monetary version of bloodshed. I mean the titles are about how you can crush the other guy, or it's not personal its business. Years ago when I got into the real estate investment game I spent hours looking thru the book titles. Trying to find the one book that would teach me how to become a "REAL ESTATE INVESTING GOD" That I knew I could become. After reading most of the popular books of the time I actually would feel beat up over the content. I mean did I have to be a "take no prisoners " type of investor? Did I have to prey on some one else's misfortune?? No, of course I dont. However I did need to learn to take somethings to heart and NEVER let go of them. I had to build my investment suit of armor so to say. So I set out to build a list of my investment rules. We each should have our own set of investment rules. It will help you keep the animal investor inside of you in check. In my case,being that I am a VERY competitive aggressive alpha male type personality I need rules that would keep me "Human". My own set of personal laws that would keep me on the "non- predatory" path. Doc's Rules for investing: Read more »

Guide to buying forclosure real estate

We have all heard the old saying that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Now while foreclosure is considered a tragedy it can also be a blessing for the real estate investor. Residential real estate is also expensive. Prices vary from one place to another. This is a major reason somemany take a look or start investing with foreclosure real estate. Read more »

Pre-foreclosures versus Foreclosure – What are the differences?

The term pre-foreclosure, just like it sounds, means that a property or home is about to go into foreclosure. You can get some great values here, before they are seen by the masses looking for foreclosure deals. Prices are generally directly negotiated with the owner, who is motivated to avoid foreclosure. Read more »

New Ways to Invest Money

There are many more ways to invest money than you might think. A lot of people believe that, if you want to invest your money, you need a lot to start with. They can not believe that you can invest without significant startup capital. In some ways they are right. Investing is easier if you have a lot of money. Read more »

Is real estate wholesaling illegal?

If you are interested in getting started wholesaling properties, you may not be sure what state laws are concerning this kind of real estate transactions and you certainly don't want to break any laws unknowingly. Read more »