Considering Becoming A Parent?

There are so many things that you don't know and don't think about when you decide to take on becoming a parent. Sure, you may love kids, and that is a really good start, but there is a really big difference between loving to play with a child at the playground and having them keep you up all night vomiting on you, isn't there? Read more »

Smart Cycle Fisher Price Keeping Kids Active

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle is a new innovation in indoor activities. It is a stationary bike, a gaming system and a learning center combined in one product. This interactive bike and game combo promotes both learning and physical exercise by guiding the child through various educational games. It can teach upper/lowercase letters, numbers and counting, spelling, problem solving, shapes, matching, and spatial reasoning. How great is it that you can now keep your child active even while indoors! This is especially ideal during the cold, snowy days of winter and the rainy days of spring. Read more »

Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Baby’s Nursery

Every first time mother dreams of creating the perfect nursery for their new baby. But, what makes a perfect nursery? Well, to start with, there are 5 pieces of furniture that are a must have in any nursery. These nursery furniture items are the crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair, and a lamp. Read more »

Miraculous Teenage Acne Problems Cure

Teenage acne problems really can be solved. There are enough things in life for teenagers to cope with at this critical time of the life. When Nature decides to load up the hormones and break out through the face, confidence gets a good shove. Read more »

How To Quickly Improve Your Golf Swing

Where can I find more information about disc golf? PDGA - The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body for disc golf. The PDGA website includes general information about disc golf, PDGA events, rules and regulations and an interactive message board. E.D.G.E. is the Educational Disc Golf Experience. EDGE is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching disc golf to children of all ages through schools and youth organizations. For more information on how to bring a disc golf curriculum to a school near you visit: E. Read more »

Costume Wing Accessories

What are the shoes made from? Our shoes are hand crafted from the highest grade materials available! The inner-soles are made from axiflex foam to distribute the weight of your body for maximum cushioning and comfort. The toe is crush proof due to the use of a high density, uncrushable foam. The outer-shoe is genuine leather finished with vibrant colors.A standard clown shoe is 15". Most clowns order this size. However, on occasion, a clown that is portraying a character (ie: cop, fireman, chef, tramp, hobo, etc.) may order a longer shoe. For the clown that marches in parades or walks ALOT, a longer length is not suggested. Read more »

Reinforcing Good Behavior In Kids

I have rules in my house and one of them is "no computer time before school". However, this morning two of my kids asked me to bend the rules for them. They got together and schemed to get their way, by tidying their rooms, packing their lunches and being ready for school very early with all chores done. Then they came to me with the big question... Read more »

Tattoos That Will Get You Noticed

Will you design something for me? Absolutely! Most of the work done at Dragonfly Ink is custom-drawn. Bring all your ideas and any pictures to your first consultation where we will discuss design, color, style, size and location. We will work collaboratively with you to ensure you get art you'll love that will also look great as a tattoo.Should you tip your tattoo or piercing artist, and if so, how much? See what the professionals say and get some ideas from tipping customers. Extensive information on the different styles and designs of piercing jewelry, and the differences between gauge sizes in metric and U.S. standard measurements. Tribalectic is a new and exciting ezine dedicated to the piercing community. Read more »