Good News For Cat Owners! Flush The Litter!

Marketers are addressing the problem that you face as a cat lover. The odor that emanates from your cat's litter just lingers and lingers, and then you are left with the job of having to pick up the litter from the box and dispose of it. However a newer product on the market, flushable cat litter, helps to rid you of both these issues. Read more »

Ferret Care-The Latest Findings

Ferrets are available to purchase at your local pet store or stock breeder, also you may be able to get one at a animal shelter. Because they live a long life just like a cat or dog, it is essential that you know how to care for them and keep them healthy, happy pets. Read more »

Furnishing A 200 Gallon Aquarium

A 200 gallon once installed will need to be furnished. Furnishing a 200 gallon aquarium correctly will ensure that you have a wonderful attraction for people to view, but also help to create an environment inside the tank which the fish and marine life will enjoy as well. Read more »

Arthritis in Dogs

There's nothing worse than having to watch your pooch suffer from arthritis pain. You can tell by the look in their eye they hurt. Chances are you desperately want to do something to ease their misery. The good news is there are things you can do to slow down the progression of this painful disease, or perhaps prevent it from ever happening at all! Read more »

What You Need To Know About Rottweiler Puppies

Once you have decided you want to add a Rottweiler puppy to your household then you need to find a healthy and happy Rottweiler puppy. For first-time owners either of a dog or just of a Rottweiler there are a few general tips that can help you find the right dog for your household. The first important tip is to choose the puppy out of the litter that approaches you or at the very least doesn't shy away if you approach them. Read more »

Yorkshire Terrier 101: Yorkies For Sale

Proper Yorkshire Terrier puppy care begins with the selection of your puppy. If you buy a sick, incredibly inbred or mentally retarded puppy, you are going to face an uphill battle in being able to have a good companion. When you meet your first dog, you want to know that all dogs deserve the best care possible. You want to be sure your choice of Yorkshire Terrier puppies does not support any practices that hurts adult Yorkies. Read more »

Advice On Dog Aggression Training

Aggression in a dog is something, which an owner should not tolerate and should be dealt with as soon as the problem arises. However, in order for an owner to find the right kind of dog aggression training they should be using to control this problem they need to understand the kinds of aggression that dogs suffer from. Read more »

What are Small Dog Breeds?

Small dog breeds are also called toy dogs. The dogs are the smallest types of dogs available. Small dogs also tend to be less expensive then larger dogs as they eat less, due to their size, and generally have less mess, less shedding and generally less cost. Read more »

Proper Care for a Healthy, Happy Dog

When you first bring your new baby home, it is only sensible to continue feeding him the same food he is accustomed to. However, if you are concerned about his diet, ask your veterinarian or breeder what he recommends. If you choose to change the diet, do so slowly. For about a week, continue feeding the same food. Then, for the next three days, give him a 50/50 diet: half of the old food, half of the new. Observe his reaction and if all goes well, present him with 75 percent new food, 25 percent old. Eventually, you can move him to the new diet with no repercussions. There is a huge difference in the type of food available on the market. Be sure to check the ingredients list and if you have questions, don't hesitate to check with a professional. And although your new friend might prefer the taste and texture of wet food, feeding him dry food (at least in combination) is a better solution for tooth cleaning. Read more »